Childrens party 8-11 years old
Childrens party 8-11 years old
Childrens party 8-11 years old

Childrens party 8-11 years old

For children in the age of 8-11, you probably need:

  1. PARTY PLACE venue, exclusive rental for a 3 hour party
  2. DJ and light specialist
  3. Entertainer / dancer / party manager
  4. Menus for children and adults
  5. A birthday cake or sweets
  6. Beverages, coffees and drinks for the adults

Other useful services are:

  • Mascots for a cheerful welcoming start (for up to 10 year olds)
  • A piñata for a festive finale
  • Giveaways and thank you notes
  • A photographer, with or without backgrounds
  • Dancers such as Breakdances, Hip hop or popping dancers
  • Latin, zumba or belly dancers shows
  • Beatboxer shows
  • Caricature artists or girls hair dressers
  • Neon colour face painting artist
  • Party supplies with various party themes
  • Party Accessories, hats, glow in the dark bracelets, wearables, etc

Children in the age of 8 to 11 are quite old to have experienced many parties they have attended, seen or even had held of their own. Their demands are higher and they have a strong opinion about what they choose. They are asking for a special party, one that doesn't remind them of their previous younger age that they have had at other venues. They don't want to be underestimated and they want to feel more independent to move freely.

They choose their party on their own, a special and unique place like the children's disco Party Place!

Here's what everything happens!

At each party they dance, they present their moves on the colorful lit dance floor and they sing karaoke on wireless mics. They pose for pictures, using backdrops, light effects, party lights and accessories, they play team games such as girls vs boys, they laugh, have fun, form greater friendships and naturally express themselves artistically and emotionally through dancing.

The DJ and the MC / dancer are necessary since they are the ones who make the full three hours of the party successful. They work well together as an experienced team, with a fresh modern program, quick changes, making both girls and boys participate and feel great.

Meanwhile, you get to pick your own special birthday cake out of thousands of suggestions out of our own special collection.

And of course you choose your menus for children and parents out of a variety of over 200 types of goods. Our catering is distinguished for its quality as well as low pricing.

Don't forget to request your favourite music as well as our extra services and surprises for you and your friends!

Your party is 100% success guaranteed and shall go down in history of your school years.

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