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About us
About us

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Since 1994 we constantly organize parties and all kinds of events in Athens and the rest of Greece. In 2011 we were ready to start our own venue, Party Place, with a unique way that's never been done before, meet the needs of both today's children of all ages, as well as their parents.

We believe that the future is today's children. We also love music and art. Since we specialize in children's entertainment and understand parents' needs thoroughly, we have the best proposals for your child, starting at low budgets. Let us show you how...

Available places

Party Place is a clean, freshly renovated venue for parties for children between 3-11 years old, for teenagers 12-13 years old, and for parents. It can receive up to 100 guests comfortably in its 115m space. It is one of the fanciest ideas for parties in the field of kids entertainment!

It has a lit dance floor, a projection wallkaraoke and wireless microphones, DJs for each program, entertainers, specialized staff and naturally offers food, beverages and birthday cakes for parties.

What's great about the place is that we entertain both children and parents and that is the main reason for its success.

It has been renovated 3 times in the last 4 years! We consider it our second home which makes us want to be the best hosts for you and your guests. Also, the more we live in it, the more we understand its needs.

Cant find a date for your party at our place?

Let us organize your party at home or at any other venue of your choice!

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