Childrens party 3-7 years old
Childrens party 3-7 years old
Childrens party 3-7 years old

Childrens party 3-7 years old

In a birthday party for children in the age of 3-7, you need:

  1. Exclusive rental of the venue for 3 hours
  2. DJ / lighting manager
  3. Entertainer / MC / dancer
  4. Kids menu and adults menu
  5. Birthday cake or sweets and treats
  6. Beverages, coffee, soft drinks, alcohol drinks for adults


After that, there are other great options to upgrade your party:

  • Welcoming mascot who immediately cheers everyone up
  • A piñata with your preferable design
  • Giveaways and party bags
  • Photographers and camermen
  • Dancers for break dance, latin, zumba, etc
  • Magicians for kids and parents
  • Face painting, caricature artists, girls hair stylers
  • Themed party supplies, i.e. DISCO party
  • Party decors for the entrance or the main venue
  • Party accessories such as hats, funny glasses and glow in the dark wearables

Children between 3-7 years old are too young to decide on their own whether or not to pick a disco place for their party. Therefore, you as parents are the ones to choose our venue for your kids' party. We invite you to book an appointment to visit our place and check out if your children will like it. It's a unique kids disco party venue in the southern suburbs of Athens, in Ilioupolis and Voula, as well as in Keratini.

The children are immediately attracted to the lit dance floor, they play with the moving lights which form patterns designed to play games on. Our entertainer / MC is the key to success since his program is specialized for the specific age group, with hundreds of games and musical games. The children also use the mics for singing, spreading wishes, sending messages and whatever else they want.

Our DJ is the captain of the ship and from his booth he is a great part of the party's success, mixing the best music, disco, latin, soundtrack themes and some children's music. He magnifically connects parents with children through his music. He also supports the entertainer beautifully in each game, happening, or dance game. He uses sound effects, party lights, wall projections with messages, clips, or funny videos, and carefully picked tunes for each case.

Our experienced staff will be more than happy to serve you and your children, smiling and enjoying the party together with everyone.

Parents, you also have the greatest time together with your children. You come in here thinking it's a kids party, but unexpectedly you end up having equally as much fun, dancing and singing with everyone!

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