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Welcome to children's DISCO "Party Place"!

Welcome to Party Place...

You enter Party Place... You instantly find yourself time traveling through the best party music era, the classical 80's, with the checkered light dance floors, prestigious DJs, videoclips projected on the back wall, the sweet sense of daydreaming into musical journeys! This is the kind of atmosphere today's children are looking for, with their own music they relate to, their friends for life from the unforgettable school years, and the need for creativity through dancing, singing, and playing, while celebrating their birthday in the best possible way!

It's a children's disco - it's a private party venue - IT IS PARTY PLACE!

Each child deserves to have at least one party at this unique place to remember from his childhood, at Party Place, in the southern suburbs of Athens, in Ilioupoli.

Available places

Party Place is a clean, freshly renovated venue for parties for children between 3-11 years old, for teenagers 12-13 years old, and for parents. It can receive up to 100 guests comfortably in its 115m space. It is one of the fanciest ideas for parties in the field of kids entertainment!

It has a lit dance floor, a projection wallkaraoke and wireless microphones, DJs for each program, entertainers, specialized staff and naturally offers food, beverages and birthday cakes for parties.

What's great about the place is that we entertain both children and parents and that is the main reason for its success.

It has been renovated 3 times in the last 4 years! We consider it our second home which makes us want to be the best hosts for you and your guests. Also, the more we live in it, the more we understand its needs.


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This why people choose us

Choose Party Place for the best parties in town! Our venue has a pleasant cheerful decor, using the newest technology equipment, with our wonderful staff that are more than happy to serve you. Each party is unique and flexible to meet your desires and choices from a vast variety of programs.

Plan your child's party at any price range you like.

There are different programs and activities for each age group. You may have your own requests on the music playlist, as well as choose your entertainment, the menus, the birthday cake and any special event from our list.

After 20 years of experience, continuous creativity, the lowest prices than ever before, and great respect to all our guests, we promise you to deliver the best party ever. All your friends will probably be thanking you for offering their children such great experience. By coming here you will relax and trust us to take care of everything and exceed your expectations!


People tell us what they think. We listen...

Cant find a date for your party at our place?

Let us organize your party at home or at any other venue of your choice!

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