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Offer for Monday to Thursday

1. Party Venue & Basic Services:

  • Exclusive venue – private party
  • AC / ventilation, smoking area
  • Light Dance Floor
  • Party light effects, discoball, bubble machine, surprises
  • Videoclips, lyric and karaoke on videowall, slideshows
  • Special birthday cake event
  • Karaoke and wireless mics
  • STaff and service for food, beverages and cleaning
  • Unlimited orange juice for the children

Please also ask for:

* DJs, entertainers, dancers, shows
* Catering for children and parents
* Birthday cakes, large variety of designs / flavours
* Extra services

This offer stands for 15 children and 20 parents.
With a small difference you can have as many as 100 guests.

Menus start at 3.00€ / person.

Adults can order:
Coffee, soft drinks, beer and wine at low costs.

Terms and conditions for all offers:
 - Reservations are valid with a deposite of 30%.
 - Prices DO NOT include taxes of 24%.

Monday to Thursday

Special Discount!!!

3 hour party

from € 450
€ 200

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Cant find a date for your party at our place?

Let us organize your party at home or at any other venue of your choice!

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